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We've pretty much seen it all, when it comes to data. We've seen so many clients who've put all their figures in a spreadsheet, then got out a calculator to do the maths and typed the answers themselves. 

We've seen someone write all their letters in Excel because "I prefer Excel to Word".

And we've seen countless examples of massive, inefficient, poorly-performing, error-prone, insecure and badly understood spreadsheets.

Why do we mention this? Are we really publicly shaming our clients?

No, not at all. 

The point is this: we can all learn from each others mistakes, if we get to see them. But we very rarely do. 

See what others have done wrong...

We can show you real examples of the files our clients have shared with us. Clearly, we've anonymized them to save any blushes and protect our clients' privacy.

But seeing real-life cases of what's not working for others can teach you so much. And this webinar is a rare chance to do just that. 

...and see how we fix that data

Of course, we don't just leave it at "here's what's not working". We were brought in by our clients to fix the data and to make their work more efficient.

And in this webinar, we'll show you the steps we take to make things better. The shortcuts we use, the lesser-known functions, the hidden tools that we take advantage of.

This webinar is a chance to watch over our shoulder as we make our clients' data work again.

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