"I love Excel, but..." 

  • Why is Excel taking so long to open my file?
  • How can I make my data read-only for some people?
  • Why am I getting errors in my formulas?

You are not alone!

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Hi! I'm Andrew

Yes, I've been "training data" for over 20 years, and have loads of big name clients... and you'd expect that, right?!

But there are two things that do make me different. 

Firstly, rather than just training, I've also actually worked as an administrator in a companies, using Excel to do my job. So I know how it is to rely on it, and be both dazzled and frustrated by it.

Secondly, I once ran a theatre company. Why is that relevant? Because I know how important it is to make sure that people aren't bored when they're paying for your time. And I've sat in too many courses where the trainer didn't seem to know or care that this is time that none of us will ever get back... 

So I make you this promise. You'll learn from me on our webinars and courses. But you'll also enjoy it and remember it afterwards. 

After all - life's too short for rubbish training, right?

Meet Andrew Richards

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Learn about why you shouldn't use VLOOKUP any more (and what it's replacement is). Find out about how to trace and fix errors in your formulas - and about the simple trick to make all formulas easier to work with. 

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Join one of our free webinars and see how we fix the data for our clients.

Using a real example, we'll talk through the problems the spreadsheet has, and look at strategies for resolving those issues.

As a bonus, we'll look at how to add scroll bars to your spreadsheets to make a dashboard easier to manipulate and less prone to errors.

Jump on a fabulous course!

Our Fix That Data course is simply the best. 

We'll broaden the conversation to examine the underlying issue with spreadsheets, and how to resolve it.

We'll show you how to make your data reliable once and for all, how to improve the performance of some datasets by over 80% and finally nail all those issues around data integrity and user permissions.

See what others are saying about our training

Helpful and understanding

Really great – helpful and understanding when we weren’t always getting it right. I could see where patience could be lost easily when doing this all day, but he never got annoyed with us!

Maggie Stack

Professional and expert

The feedback from staff who have attended your courses has been consistently excellent across the board.We also appreciate your professional and expert advice when discussing and creating solutions. Thank you for working with us so positively and we are looking forward to you working with us to deliver a range of further courses this year and beyond.

Steve Bevan

Very well received

The IT service delivered to our staff an on-site and personalised GDPR Awareness training session that was very well received and presented in a pragmatic and succinct style that got across the key points and the responsibilities and accountabilities for each department.

Chris Martin

Knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail

From the start, we were impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail that The IT Service brought to the planning stage of the project… the trainer managed to convey the technical information of a potentially dry subject required while retaining the interest and involvement of all staff… we would be delighted to work with them again.

Chris Blair

Absolutely brilliant

I would just like to say that Andrew was absolutely brilliant. He was clear, concise and taught me a huge amount in a very short time. I found it immensely useful and would recommend this type of tutoring over the daily courses we go on. It is much easier to understand when it is dealing with information you are using all the time. He was an excellent tutor and I wouldn’t hesitate in asking for him again.

Anon - Winchester City Council

Nothing but positive feedback

I just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent presentation which exactly hit the mark for this training. I have had nothing but positive feedback.

Gillian Scott

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